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I think today can be summed up by my wife, Patricia. Midway through the morning, as I was carrying my 37 thousandth box out to the dumpster, I checked my phone and saw how many PBs our rowers had set. I said, “WOW!! PBs everywhere at the regatta!” To which Patricia replied, “HOLY PEANUT BUTTERS!!!”

What a remarkable day! I don’t recall a day where we set so many PBs….and most of those who didn’t, came really close. It should give you a lot of confidence in your previous 5 weeks of solid training, and as Maddie T texted back to me this morning, “Hard work pays off”. It sure does!

I LOVE the concept of PBs. It is a “Personal Best”….signifying better than you have done ever before. It’s the numero uno way of actually seeing yourself getting better. Today, 16 of you were better than you’ve ever been before. Congratulations!!
I will send another blog post announcing our medallists and top ten t-shirt winners as soon as I see the results. But a job VERY well done today!

Max: PB by 1.6 seconds
Robin: PB by 9.6 seconds
Liam: PB by 17.4 seconds
Owen: PB by 14.0 seconds
Ethan: PB by 0.2 seconds
Geon: PB by 11.6 seconds
Charlotte: PB by 18.2 seconds
Maddy D: PB by 13 seconds
Ryann: PB by 31.3 seconds
Maddy T: PB by 24.2 seconds
Sequoia: PB by 1.7 seconds
Kate M: PB by 8.6 seconds
Caroline: PB by 10.2 seconds
Aleah: PB by 11.2 seconds
Maddy B: PB by 1.3 seconds
Fiora: PB by 2.8 seconds