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We wrap up Ontario’s with shout-outs to all our top ten performers and t-shirt winners!!!! (NICE t-shirts, too!)

ETHAN LEGACY: 3rd in Jr 150 Men
SEQUOIA DEATHE: 1st in Jr 145 Women
FIORA REDA: 9th in Sr 145 Women
MADDY BATTERSBY: 10th in Sr 145 Women

An interesting note. For those of you who’ve been intimidated in the past by schools like Ridley or Havergal, consider this: We had 22 entries and five top tens. Havergal had 34 entries and had 2 top tens. Ridley had way more entries than us—52 to be exact—and had 11 top tens. We CAN compete against these schools! We may not ever have the number of rowers of a Branksome, a Ridley or a Havergal, but on a per capita basis, we’re right there with them.

So onwards and upwards to the outdoor season!!!!!

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