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Well done, everybody! For our novices, the end of winter training is almost here, and for experienced rowers who were members of the club in some capacity last year, it is likely already here!!!

Here’s what the next few weeks will shape up like.

Over March Break, we will be running CLUB practices at Leander. ***NOTE*** These are NOT Westdale practices–they are Leander BC practices. If you’re in town, you’re invited to participate. They will start at 9am Monday to Friday during March Break. For novices, they will be heavily geared to tank work, as we need to refine your stroke before hitting the water.

FROM NOW UNTIL MARCH 25: Naming the boats. As you (hopefully) know by now, we are buying two new rowing boats this year. They are supposed to arrive in time for the start of the season! The boats will be officially named at a ceremony following the City Championships on Saturday, May 26. I’m happy to announce that one name has already been chosen…and the second name will be up to YOU! More on that when it becomes official through the club. The second name is your choice. Choice #1 is “WARRIORS 1939”. Choice #2 is “PROPELLER CLUB 1939”. Why 1939? It was the first ever Westdale rowing victory! At that time, high school events were part of the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, and Westdale won the high school eight! Why “Propeller Club”? That was the name of the trophy Westdale won that day. So please get your vote to me before March 25th. We will tally them up, and present both names to the club for consideration!!

SATURDAY, MARCH 17: 8am-1pm. Docks go in. We need as many of you there as possible for this–it is a big job as we get the club ready for the on-water season!

SATURDAY, MARCH 17: 4-5:30PM. Swim tests at Benetton Pool. They will be every 15 minutes. If you have a Bronze Cross, Bronze Medallion or Lifesaving, please take a picture of it and send it to me. If you don’t have it, you need to do the test. If you are away, we can arrange a test over your lunch hour at Dalewood pool. If test is not done by April 1, you won’t be allowed on the water until it is done. No exceptions to this rule.

SUNDAY MARCH 18: There will be a boat rigging session organized by Meegan Crossley for experienced rowers, where we will rig any boats we can in preparation for going on the water. Novices are invited to attend and see what all the excitement is about! I BELIEVE that will happen on Sunday, March 18, but I will confirm.

MONDAY MARCH 19: The first Westdale training session at the school after March Break is Monday, March 19. There is a good possibility that Leander members could be on the water for a Leander CLUB practice. We are still awaiting word from the club on who is eligible, but anybody rowing in March will have to be experienced for at least a year of high school rowing, and have been a club member last season. Start time will be 5:10am sharp.
The novices, plus any experienced rowers who were not club members last season, will meet at the school at 6:30 on March 19 to commence the final two weeks of land training.

TUESDAY MARCH 20 @ 7PM IN THE SCHOOL LIBRARY: The pre-on water spring meeting for parents and rowers. This meeting is VERY important, where we will go over the on-water season, Chili Cook-Off, regattas, fees, our overall budget. We will need a lot of help from parents, especially for regattas and it will all be laid out at the meeting.

SATURDAY MARCH 24: Mac 2×4. A team erg event at Mac. Teams will be announced. I just discovered that I have to make the entries on RegattaCentral, so I will be collecting $12.50 per rower racing as soon as we get back from March Break (or during March break if you’re around!)

THURSDAY, MARCH 29: The day before Good Friday, will be our last SCHEDULED session at the school. (I say “scheduled” because we will surely be there on at least one occasion after that…unless miraculously we have perfect weather from now until June!!!).

SATURDAY, MARCH 31: This will be the final bagging fundraiser at Fortino’s from 10-6 (you will be scheduled for this as usual. Priority will be for those who have missed any. If you can’t make it, please let me know ASAP.