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Hope your March Breaks are going well! The groups at Leander on Monday & Tuesday are honing their technique in a BIG way—looking VERY good, rowers! All reports from St. Catharines at the Brock sculling camp have been excellent, where some of our experienced rowers have been getting on the water already! Looking forward to the next few weeks!

There will be a rigging party at Leander on Sunday at 2PM for seniors, where we will rig some boats for on-water sessions starting on Monday. If they wish, novices can go to the club and watch how they do it. It’s not mandatory, but you could learn a few things from it. I’m still waiting to hear from Leander officially, as to who can row on Monday.

Thank you to those who gave me money for Mac 2×4 yesterday (Geon, Aleah & Celina). Please get that in as soon as possible.

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