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There are two mandatory registrations that need to take place before you’re allowed on the water in April.

The first is with Rowing Canada. This is free. Here’s how to do it:
1. Go to membership.rowingcanada.org
2. Click on Register/Join
3. Click on Join a Program
4. Select Ontario from the dropdown
5. Select Leander Boat Club from the other dropdown
6. Ella and Molly specifically will look for the Coxwain option for 2018.
All others will look for the option for High School Club 2018.
7. Click Join

After that is finished, you will need to join Leander and pay their fee. There are a bunch of options for this. If you plan on rowing beyond the spring season, you can join the club for the summer and/or the Fall. There is also an option to do the bantam program in the summer. All the options plus costs are there.

1. Go to regatta central.com (the same site where you registered for indoor regattas) and log in.
2. Click Programs on the top bar.
3. Scroll down to Leander Boat Club
4. Click Programs and Classes.
5. Select the program you wish to join. (Keep in mind that if you want to join as a full junior member, or part year member, those options are under “Memberships”, which is under Programs and Classes.
6. Once the program is selected, follow the process for payment.

Again, for novice parents, the LEANDER “Programs and Classes” fee is $259.90. Note that the club makes almost zero profit out of this fee. Almost 100% of it goes towards insurance, as well as fees to Rowing Canada and RowOntario. Once this is paid, there can be no refund.
There is also a Westdale Rowing spring fee (which covers regattas and associated regatta costs that are paid for by us). This year, the amount will be approximately $75 (I’m still crunching numbers). I’ll provide details on how that figure is arrived at during the meeting on Tuesday evening, as well as a detailed budget.

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