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Hey all….

Here are the Mac 2×4 Teams for this Saturday. It’s at the McMaster University Student Center, 1280 Main Street W. Please be there 45 minutes before your race time to register, warm up and, if necessary, weigh in. We will be practicing on Friday in our teams for the event. Pieces of cardboard help a lot in terms of helping feet to slide out–I will let the experienced rowers speak to that in the coming days.

8:00AM: HS JR LIGHTWEIGHT: CX: Molly, Charlotte, Liv, Ryann, Maggie
8:40AM: HS JR MEN: CX: Ella, Liam, Geon, Ethan, Max
9:20AM: HS SR LIGHTWEIGHT WOMEN: CX: Ella, Caroline, Alia, Zaiga, Kate M
9:20AM: HS SR LIGHTWEIGHT WOMEN: CX: Molly, Sequoia, Celina, Maddy B, Becca
12:55PM: CLUB MIXED: CX: Ella, Meegan, Robin, Owen, Alex Jones