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Here is a handy checklist and the deadlines.

1. The HWDSB permission form. Please get this to Pete ASAP. There are further steps needing to be done by Pete, so waiting until April 1 will delay you getting on the water.

2. Rowing Canada Registration. This free. Instructions on blog in last week. Needs to be done before registering with Leander.

3. Register with Leander and pay club fee of $259.90 at regattacentral.com. This must be done before going on the water from April 1. There is some lag time between when you register and when it shows up in the database, so please get this done a few days before April 1.

4. $120 cheque for your 8 Chili Cookoff tickets. You then sell them for $20 each and keep the money. Please make cheques payable to Westdale Rowing. Tickets will be ready for Friday morning.

5. $75 spring fee cheque payable to Westdale Rowing. This one isn’t as urgent and can be paid anytime up to the end of April.

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