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We have an injury. Is one of the Jr Lightweight crew able to help one of our two sr lightweight crews? By the rules, you only have to be there for one rotation through the group (ie, 10-12 strokes or so), although you can do more if you feel up for it. (You’ll have just finished your own race 40 minutes before, so you may be tired!). Let me know!!

Also, one of our former Westdale parents is buying SIX tickets to Chili Cookoff! So as a result, the next six of you who hand me a cheque for your tickets will have one less each to sell! (Congratulations to Ryann this morning, from whom I bought my own Cookoff ticket. She was the first to give me a cheque, and she and her parents now have only seven left to sell!).

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8:00AM: HS JR LIGHTWEIGHT: ERG #7. CX: Molly, Charlotte, Liv, Ryann, Maggie
8:40AM: HS JR MEN: ERG #4. CX: Ella, Liam, Geon, Ethan, Max
9:20AM: HS SR LIGHTWEIGHT WOMEN: ERG #6. CX: Ella, Caroline, Alia, Zaiga, Kate M
9:20AM: HS SR LIGHTWEIGHT WOMEN: ERG #8. CX: Molly, Sequoia, Celina, Maddy B, Becca
***DIFFERENT TIME!!!*** 12:00PM: CLUB MIXED: ERG #1. CX: Ella, Meegan, Robin, Owen, Alex Jones