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Well done on the safety video and test. Everybody passed and I’ve reached out to those who got any questions wrong with an explanation of the correct answer. A couple of notes:

1. While we all had a laugh about some of the CLEARLY wrong answers this morning, trust me when I say that these ACTUALLY happen around the boathouse! Rowers carrying oars frequently bonk others on the head because they aren’t looking or thinking. Riggers routinely ding other boats. Rowers (stupidly) DO go out when there’s lightning. And drain plugs often ARE left out when the coach boat gets put in the water. So be aware, at all times!
2. We accepted multiple answers on two questions. #6 was the one about belt lifejackets. All school rowers wear the mustang belts, so ‘Yes’ is correct. But those of you with sharp ears would have caught the age restriction noted on the video, so we also accepted “Sometimes”. And #17 was the one about catching a crab. The correct rowing answer is ‘an event where the oar gets stuck in the water’, but one can’t deny that it is also ‘a delicious type of seafood’….so we allowed both B and C for that one!

Still looking for a volunteer or two to take a shift for Fortino’s on Saturday. We’re short by a couple. If you can do it, please text me. Keep an eye on the blog from yesterday–I’m updating shift times and they may change slightly.

This morning was a good example of making the wrong decision. We likely could have rowed this morning, given the lighter than forecast wind. Oh well. Tomorrow’s wind is outside the safety zone for March rowing, but Thursday’s forecast looks GREAT! We’ll go with the following boats for Thursday at 5:15AM:

CX: Ella


Friday looks to be awful, but I’ll make the call Thursday. If we DO row, it will be at 7AM.
No row Saturday due to Fortino’s.
No row Sunday.
Monday at 7am will be a session for all who are in town and available…both novices and experienced. We all practice the whole procedure of a morning row–prepping coach boat, getting oars out, getting the boat out, checking it and putting it on the water. We will also do some dockside instruction if the weather cooperates. Tuesday morning, we begin our full squad sessions at Leander at 5:10AM with boatings TBA.

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