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Those of you I’ve contacted tonight, please try this and make sure you follow each step:

1. Go to membership.rowingcanada.org

2. Click on Register/Join

3. Click on Join a Program

4. Select Ontario from the dropdown

5. Select Leander Boat Club from the other dropdown

6. Ella and Molly specifically will look for the Coxwain option for 2018.

All others will look for the option for High School Club 2018.

7. Click Join

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Congratulations on a wildly successful Fortino’s Fundraiser on Saturday. We raised $1821.50 towards the two new boats. A hearty WELL DONE to all! The proceeds will be deposited into the school account on Tuesday. One final word about Fortino’s fundraisers: We’re thinking for next season, that we’ll drop the Family Day weekend one and replace it with the Thanksgiving Saturday. As someone pointed out to me, Thanksgiving (like New Years), is more of an “eating” holiday, meaning Fortino’s would likely be busier than it was on the Family Day Saturday. It would be about three weeks before our indoor season actually started. It’s obviously well into the future, but something to think about….and as always, I’d like to hear some feedback on your thoughts.

On yesterday’s blog post, I made a few errors for Thursday (I read my spreadsheet wrong). Please disregard Thursday on your e-mail notification and go with what is on the blog currently–you just need to check the actual blog. Unfortunately when I update something, it doesn’t send out an e-mail update.

There are still a few of you who owe $120 for Chili Cookoff tickets. Please bring this to rowing on Monday or Tuesday. We are about three and a half weeks to the big event, so time is running out on getting them sold! We will also be setting up the Food signup page soon, so it’s all happening!