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1. Please wrap your water bottle in a thick sock. This provides a cushion on it and prevents it from rolling around in the boat, where it can actually cause damage.

2. Please carry your shoes in the boat with you when you get in. Only at regattas do we have coaches carry our shoes.


See y’all at 5:10! Know what boat you are in and what seat you are in!!

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Well done this morning, all! Things to remember for Tuesday:

1. 5:10 SHARP!

2. Dress WARMLY! As some of you discovered today, it’s cold. Wear layers! If you don’t have “pogeys”, either get a pair of thick socks, cut holes in them and wear them as mitts. Or do the same to a pair of actual mitts. You should have your bare hands on the handles, but with tops covered.

3. Coxies and bow seats should sign their crews in as soon as they arrive.

4. Be really fast getting the coach boats on. You will see the crews below on the blog. 4x#1 and 4x#2 will get one coach boat ready. 4x#3 and the 4+ will get the second one ready. And the 8+ will get the third one ready. The experienced rowers in each boat, plus the coxies, will be in charge. Please listen to them. While half your crew is putting the coach boat together, the other half should be getting the oars out. Grab your belt life jackets as you are putting coach boats together/getting oars.

5. Once coach boat is ready, crew does a quick loop of the park run, followed by 3 minutes of lunge walking.

6. As soon as this is done, hands go on the boat, bring it out, and put on stretchers. BOW SEATS AND COXIES ARE IN CHARGE–WE SHOULD HEAR NO OTHER VOICES THAN THEIRS UNLESS ASKED. Bow seats and coxies should check the nuts and bolts, and each individual seat should check their slide track and shoes.

7. LAUNCH! (we would like to ideally be all on the water by 5:45 on day one. Eventually we will aim for 5:30, but we’ll allow 5:45 for tomorrow. 🙂

8. NOTE: Pete will take the 8+, Mike will take 4x#1 (Astra) & 4x#2 (Bailey Waxman), and I will take 4x#3 (Love) and the 4+ (Miller).