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Well done to all this morning. Good reports from the school, and I can tell you that the boats we had on the water this morning had a great practice on calm water!

Normally we practice on Saturdays if there is no regatta. However, with forecast wind chills tomorrow to be minus-13 and big wind, we’re not going to run a training session tomorrow–enjoy the sleep in and get ready for next week where Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are all looking VERY rowable at this point! Nice way today, to end a good week of training!

The two new boats are scheduled to arrive this morning. I would like to grab two or three seniors Saturday morning around 9, to help me remove them from the plastic and rig them. Any takers? Let me know!

I’ve had a couple of questions about our safety standards for weather. The club threshold is minus-5 wind chill. For us, this will be a hard and fast number. We will go out if it’s minus-5 wind chill and calm water. We will NOT go out of it’s minus-6 wind chill or colder. For us to be able to put small boats on the water (doubles/pairs and singles), the surface temperature of the water must be 5 degrees or more.
If there are ANY questions about this, please ask. We will not play Russian roulette when it comes to safety in our program….and parents and rowers can be assured that if we decide to go out on the water it’s with full confidence that conditions are right for a safe row.

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