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We’re getting in the miles, which is GREAT! One thing we need to be better at is how long we’re spending on the dock. Once the hull hits the water, it should be oars in/bodies in/push off lickety split. Otherwise we’re holding up other crews.

Also, from now on, I’ll be assigning each crew a coach boat. The whole squad is doing one at a time, instead of putting all three together at once, which will save oodles of time and keep the coaches from getting grumpy!!

Finally, here are some pics from yesterday and today in the new quad. Yesterday was: B-Meegan, 2-Fiora, 3-Maddy B, S-Becca. I tweeted a picture of that crew out yesterday and it got a high profile ‘like’ from an Olympic silver medallist! Today was B-Becca, 2-Fiora, 3-Sequoia, S-Katie Mac.

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