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To put it mildly, the forecast for Saturday and the weekend in general, is awful. We’ve decided to cancel Saturday’s practice and give y’all a sleep in.

For next week, we’ll be starting to work together in the crews we presented to you after CIRC…crews we feel will be together at CSSRA. There will be some nomenclature to get used to, especially for the novices and their parents that I’ll explain over the weekend when the boatings come out. If we’re forced to be land-bound due to weather, we’ll just continue on with the next day’s on-water schedule as normal….I’ll make up lost rows the following week.

We will also be starting to look at rigging on each boat, and rigging it for each crew to row in it. We are also HOPING that next week will be the week we finally get into small boats.

We will be starting time trials next Wednesday. For the novices, time trials are a series of four 2K timed races along the west shore that allows us to gauge the relative speed of our crews. If you are asked to race at a set rating, please do your best to hold that rating. Next Wednesday’s pieces will be at 24spm (Strokes Per Minute).

You’ve probably noticed that I’m really pushy in the mornings in trying to get you launched as quickly as possible. There’s a good reason for this. After this morning, and with Saturday’s missed row, there are only 34 practice sessions left this season. That does not count any days we’re going to lose to weather. If you look at it in terms of hours, we’re on the water for 90 minutes per day. In a best case scenario, we have 51 TOTAL hours of practice time left. This is NOT a lot of time, and every minute wasted can be never gained back. So let’s be quicker and get as many strokes in as possible to make you all the BEST possible rowers you can be!!! I will be timing my crews from the time the hull hits the water, and eventually looking for launching within one minute of the hull hitting the water.

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