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I sent an e-mail on this, but following up here just in case the e-mail wasn’t received. Sheri will be collecting the Chili Cookout wine from me on Friday, so there are two opportunities left to get it to us. I will be at the school again at 6:20 on Thursday morning. We are at Leander at 5:10 on Friday morning, and I can also collect it there. We’re in the home stretch for this big fundraiser–it sounds like it’s going to be awesome!! Or is that, “Oarsome”!!!

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Given the late hour, we will stick to our plan of training at the school at 6:30 on Thursday, then plan on Friday and Saturday at Leander.

Note: There will be a new launching procedure. I will find out more about this before Friday AM. The water still has not reached the 5 degree threshold for small boats, but I suspect after an extended run of warmer weather, that this may change very soon.