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Sorry for the flurry of info–it’s all on at this time of year and there is a LOT of stuff being passed along, so please make sure you and your parents are on top of it all.

1. As mentioned, the Bennett Regatta is NOT included in our spring fee, so this will have to be paid separately. I will invoice as soon as I receive the trailer costs from the club and exchange rate on my VISA, but FYI, the entry fees came out evenly with one exception, at $40US for those in two events and $20US for those with one event. As this one was paid by me personally, please make cheques payable to me.

2. The $75 spring rowing fee (which includes ALL other regattas this season as noted in the meeting), is due. Some of you have paid this already–thank you. That one is payable to Westdale Rowing by cheque. Or cash is fine too.

Any questions, please ask. I know it can be frustrating getting not one, but two requests for money so soon after a fundraiser. We understand. Every effort is made to keep your costs as low as possible.

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