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Had a bit of a surprise tossed our way for Saturday, but here’s what’s happening. Boat loading time is a bit uncertain due to the masters row. We may have to wait until as late as 10 for some of the boats, but we’re hopeful that we can de-rig most, if not all, starting at 8. So….here’s the plan.

We will meet at 6:30 at the club. (Yes…6:30!!! A HUGE sleep in!!!!!). We will come off just before 8. We will likely go out and do a whole bunch of starts and come in. Any boats we can de-rig and load, we will. My hope is that we have glass-like conditions for our row, and then at 7:59AM, the wind starts to howl bigtime! I don’t want to wait around until 10 for the masters to come off, but if we have to, we’ll figure something out. I should have a better idea this afternoon and will post to here. FYI, the masters row may be a bit of an issue next week as well. I’ll try to find out more info in the intervening days.

Sorry. This was a surprise to me, too.

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