Westdale Rowing Community

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1. Rowers need to be at the Leander trailer by 7:30am for rigging. All coxswains and those rowing lightweight will weigh in right away in your racing uniform (red t-shirt, white shirt and rowing shorts). Those weighing in: Ella, Maura, Molly, Maddy D, Ethan, Owen, Liam, Alex B, Caroline, Kate M, Zaiga, Alia. Please be at the course at 7:30am to rig all our boats. Please don’t be late–the coach’s and coxie meeting is right after our weigh in. Please bring ID to weigh in.

2. Coxies and bow people for blind boats (doubles) must attend the coach’s and cox meeting at 8am. NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. I’ve attached a day sheet with all your information on it. I like to meet about an hour before race time with my crew. About 45 minutes before race time, we will do a warmup. 30 minutes to race time is generally when they call us to launch. We launch, then you row to the start.


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