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1. Weigh in updates. Katie Mac, you do NOT have to weigh in. Celina, Ryann, Maggie & Liv DO have to weigh in, along with all others on yesterday’s list. Please be at the trailer by 7:30. (**Note: The trailer is a fair ways away from the parking lot, so leave extra time!)

2. Bring boots. It can get awfully muddy at this regatta.

3. Re: Food. Please consider purchasing food at a local grocery store, like Topps. If you do want to bring food across the border, please check before you do!

It goes without saying that we want you to have fun tomorrow….but also remember that the coaches want to have fun, too! This will happen if you know where you’re supposed to be and when and that we don’t have to send out search parties to find you because your race time is approaching!!!! Learn lots tomorrow and race hard. I would say ‘Try your best’, but that goes without saying—you guys have done that every day since November.

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