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This will be one crazy day on Sunday…and if we make a bunch of finals, the coaches are going to need to be carried out of there! Haha! LOTS of racing on Sunday. The day sheet is attached. PLEASE be aware that I have assigned rowers to launch crews, help with oars and shoes, and meet them at the dock on their return. We will try to help out where we can, but understand it is a nutty day all around.

1. Please arrive in St. Catharines at 6:45AM on Sunday to rig. Our first race is at 8:06AM, so there isn’t a lot of time.

2. The Coaches/Coxie/bow people meeting is at 7am. All coaches, coxies and bow people need to be there.

3. ALL weight class athletes and coxswains will weigh in following the coaches/coxwains/bow people meeting….this should be about 7:20. These are the: JW59KG4X, SW63KG2X, SW59KG4X, JM72KG4+, SW63KG4+ and JW63KG4+

Mothers Day Daysheet

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