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De-rigging and loading will take place starting at 8am. The SW2- and JW4X will take it out for a quick spin into Macassa Bay and then come back. (4x, do not launch until we’ve made an adjustment on the feet). All others will de-rig and load the following boats:
BAILEY + sculls (SW4X, JW59KG4X to de-rig/load)
ASTRA + sculls (JM4X/4+ to de-rig/load)
WOLTER (SW2X, SW63KG2X to de-rig/load)) + sculls (after it’s brief row)–to be de-rigged by seniors only. Only loosen end with ring on it. If unsure, ASK)
MILLER (JW634+, JW634KG4+ to de-rig/load)+ (CROKER OARS–SEE CRAIG/TOM))
CHERWINSKI (JM2X, JW2X to de-rig/load) + sculls
JUSTICE (SW2-, SW2X t de-rig/load) + sculls/oars (remember sculling riggers as well)
PROPELLER CLUB (SW63KG2X to de-rig/load) + sculls (already de-rigged)

–All backstays to be taped down;
–All nuts and bolts to be re-attached to riggers;
–All seats to be bungeed or removed if no bungee;
–All footgear and ANY loose bolts/nuts/wingnuts to be tightened and secured.
–All oars and sculls to be loaded.

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