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1. Entries will be going in today or tomorrow, for the Welland regatta. If you aren’t able to make it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW NOW! FYI, making adjustments post entry for even one person who misses can cost up to $120 in scratch fees and name changes, not to mention a LOT of frustration for coaches.

2. You will need school ID for Welland. If you’ve lost yours or don’t have it, please get on it now and get a replacement.

3. Parents may want to bring bikes to Welland. You are able to bike along the entire course from start to finish.

4. For Mothers Day, we will be wearing our Westdale unisuits for this regatta. Please make sure you pack or wear yours. Bring ID as well…if you don’t have school ID, a drivers licence or other will suffice for the Mothers Day regatta.

5. Looks like the parents tent is shaping up to be a fun place to be on Sunday!!! A reminder to eat and snack sensibly as you approach race time. That, plus hydration, sunscreen and staying off your feet are key elements to you having a successful day on the water.

6. A reminder that this will be a LONG day. We are expecting that trailer unloading and rigging will happen post regatta (likely nearing 7PM before the trailer returns to Leander).

7. One request from the coaches: please don’t ask us about missing trailer unloading back in Hamilton. We know it’s Mothers Day and it puts us in an awkward position. Unless you didn’t race, are recovering from surgery, or both, you should be there!

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