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Marie Barry (Liv’s Mom) is hosting a Yard Sale on Sunday, May 27 (the day after Cities!), with proceeds generously being donated to Westdale rowing! Address is on Uplands (not sure exact number, but it’s a short street!) Go north on Longwood almost to the hill leading to Princess Point, turn left on Franklin, and Uplands is the second right. Items generously accepted, so if there’s anything you’re thinking of giving away that’s in working order and could sell, we will accept it! I will let you know start time, but Marie tells me it will NOT be starting at 5:10AM!!

I don’t have the City Champs draw yet, but you’re scheduled in your CSSRA boats, plus a few others we’ve added. I BELIEVE the start time is 8am. Races are about 1000 metres long from the slip outbound. Boats will be launched from the beach in the little bay beside the slip. There’s no de-rigging/loading–we will row boats there on Saturday morning. I will post draw as soon as I know it.

After the regatta, there will be a BBQ and we will christen the new boats.

Following the christening, there will be a MAJOR Westdale Rowing announcement.

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