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645 arrival time, please. No new boats being raced due to boat christening. Astra to be rowed over instead of Wolter. Allocations below:

8am: SW4x: Astra (use Wolter sculls)

8:10: JM2x: Justice

8:20: JW1X: Monaco

8:40: Jr and Sr Women 63kg 4+: Stank (Ella) with Csima oars and Miller (Maura) with Miller oars

8:50: JM4x: Astra

9am: SW2x: Justice

9:10: Sw638+: Griffiths

9:40: JM72kg4+: Miller with Miller oars

9:50: JW4x: Bailey

10:10: SW4+: Miller

10:20: JW2x: Trojan (Liv)

Justice (Serena)

Cherwinski (Maddy D)

10:40: SW 59kg 4x: Bailey

10:50: JM1x: Monaco (Liam)

High Maintenance (Owen)

11:20: Mixed 8+: Griffiths

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