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Liv’s Mom, Marie, hosted a yard sale on Sunday with all proceeds going to Westdale Rowing. I’m VERY happy to announce that a total of $500 was raised!!!!!! Well done, Marie…and many thanks from us! I wasn’t able to be there, but I understand the effort of those who were was fantastic and the engagement with the community was amazing. As our athletes have done at Fortino’s, it is due to their enthusiasm in talking to people that we’ve done so well at our fundraisers! Well done!

There is nothing like the love of a mother. And when it comes to seeing your son dye his hair green, well….Mrs. Roche has stepped forward to help ensure it would happen! I’m again VERY happy to announce that Mike’s Mom has donated $500 to the cause of seeing her son with green locks! Many thanks!

The amounts from the yard sale and Mike’s Mom, as well as Ali Gage’s generous donation from the weekend, will be put DIRECTLY towards the purchase of our new rowing shells. Doing this, I believe, will allow us to pay off the boats sooner than anticipated, which is FANTASTIC news humbly and greatly appreciated by ALL of us!