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1. Pete will oversee the end-of-season 2K erg tests on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 at 4PM at Leander for those who wish to see where they truly stand after the on-water season. I will be out of town, but will be checking in with him to see how they go! Note that most of these tests show a major improvement and it’s in your best interests to pull one. Not mandatory, but HIGHLY recommended!

2. I had an e-mail from the school today about athletic awards and the banquet. From my understanding, in order to attend the athletic banquet on June 14th, you will have to have paid a $20 fee to the school? And also apparently, some of you have paid this fee but your names aren’t on the list? If you have paid it, please contact Pete and he will get hold of the athletic department.

3. In tidying up my stuff today, I found an envelope with money and “Coach Tom” written in pink marker on the front….and no indication who it was from. I assume it was for the Bennett Regatta, but I will post a picture of the envelope in the coming days—please ID yourself if it’s your writing.

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