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To all who rowed for Leander in the Fall…..Congratulations on completing a successful season! You will find it to be excellent prep for the upcoming high school season, I think.

I’ve been in contact with the Leander coaches, and I’d like to make sure we do the correct things in October so that you arrive fresh and ready for winter training, on October 31. This month is known as your “transition period”, which should consist of a lighter training workload, and lots of rest! The month should include the following:

1. Take care of any nagging injuries. This one needs no explanation.

2. No early morning rows. It sounds like the club is going to run some training/rowing options in the afternoons/evenings/weekends. If they fit your schedule, please feel free to do join these if you wish. We’re not saying “Don’t Row”. We’re saying “Don’t get up at 4:30AM to do it!” If you find yourselves being asked to row mornings, please let me know and I’ll sort it out. Most of you are rowing now as a buildup to the following winter and spring season. Getting your rest now is MASSIVELY important for this, and will help you get through the winter blahs.

3. Try to fit some cross training in place of rowing into your schedule for the month. The weather can still be nice in October. Some of you have done a LOT of rowing since the spring. Introducing cross training such as biking, swimming, running, or playing another sport, is an excellent way to work different muscles, not to mention giving you some time away that will allow you to come back with a fresher and more enthusiastic approach in November.

4. As always, nothing can derail a rowing season like bad nutrition! Eating healthy foods and making the right nutrition decisions will go a LONG way to helping you achieve your training and racing goals!

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