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If anybody did not get a permission form at Wednesday’s meeting, they will be available in the office at the beginning of the week–I will post on here when they are ready. Athletes will not be allowed to practice with us until these are in our possession-no exceptions because it is a Health & Safety requirement. (NOTE: this form is different from the one on the back page of the information doc posted here on the blog that confirms you’ve read the doc. That one also needs to be returned to us, but it’s not a pre-requisite to begin training).

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It was great to see so many potential rowers and their parents at the meeting last night–it bodes well for a successful season!
Here is the training program for the first two and a half weeks. It may change slightly on a day-to-day basis, but expect that this first block and also the second three-week block will have a lot of similar aerobic-based training, which is normal for this time of year.
I anticipate numerous novices, so experienced rowers likely won’t see the erg as much in the early going (stifle those smiles!). It will be important for experienced rowers to make the most of the erg sessions you ARE scheduled to be on them. Novices will be rotated through the ergs.
We’ll be trying to get outside on the track as much as possible this Fall. Most outdoor sessions will involve 30 minutes of running followed by 30 minutes of Ultimate Frisbee. The idea is for you to run around as much as you can and KEEP MOVING! A 30-minute run is not “run for 5 minutes, walk for 2 minutes, run for 5 minutes, walk for 2 minutes….” It is to “Run for 30-minutes at a pace you can sustain for 30 minutes”.
We will likely not be doing much, if any, weights this Fall. Ms. Gittings runs a morning class in the Middle Gym and Mr. Walters is in there as well, so we’ll be mostly using the halls and the outside for those not erging. Those who aren’t able to run can use the indoor equipment.
Any questions, please text me at 289-527-5800!

Westdale Training Program CYCLE 1 NOV 1-Nov 18

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A reminder that our pre-season meeting is set for Wednesday night (October 24th) in the cafeteria. All are welcome, both experienced and novice parents and students.

Below is our Westdale Rowing Information doc. Please print it and read it. The last page needs to be signed by three parties: parents, athletes and coaches. Note that this page differs from the one Peter will have tomorrow night, which also needs to be signed.


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Some good news to share with you all. Peter is going to be the teacher advisor this season, with help from Sandra Gittings. I will confirm with the school about the meeting on October 24th. Once I confirm, if a few seniors could make up a bunch of small page sized posters and post them up around the school, that would be AWESOME! I will confirm date and time tomorrow, as well as info that should be on the poster.