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The calendar has turned to October, which means the start of the indoor winter season is approaching.

We are tentatively booked for a pre-season meeting on Wednesday, October 24th in the library at 7PM. All parents and rowers are welcome to attend—it is not so important for experienced athletes (although we would like to have you there), but novice parents and athletes would benefit greatly from this. Training is tentatively scheduled to start on the morning of Halloween, at 6:30am in the lower gym.

I say “tentatively”, because we do not yet have a teacher advisor. Peter has not confirmed whether he will be back with us as our Westdale advisor, so the process is ongoing in our efforts to make sure we have somebody in place. We are still very hopeful he will be back with us, but it is not 100% confirmed as of now. And obviously if we don’t have a teacher advisor, training as Westdale or training at the school is not allowed. I’ve said before, that if we didn’t have Peter, we’d be in deep trouble. This potential hiccup is evidence of this, unfortunately. He is invaluable to our program, and my hope is that he remains with us.

As always, please keep your eyes on the blog for updates.

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