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Well done for the first two days—lots of intensity and red faces, and my first impression of the novices on the ergs was a good one from what I saw.

There is a PA Day on Friday, so no formal practice at the school. Please take on 45 minutes of activity Friday. You can combine any number of aerobic activities–running, swimming, biking, eliptical, erging, etc. Just work at a good intensity continuously for 45 minutes.

We’ve had a number of questions about stair running at Chedoke, so there is definitely an interest in doing that again. We will work it into the schedule somewhere in the next cycle. Just concerned about knees! We will also try to make use of the outdoors as much as possible, especially with large numbers! I believe this morning’s workout with a mix of a run and a game of Ultimate was a really positive session, not only from a workout intensity perspective, but from a teamwork perspective. I LOVED the team cheers I heard at our halftime break!

Good start to the season–I’m really encouraged by your work ethic. Remember: Find that pace you can keep for 30-45 minutes so that you can keep going without stopping.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you at 6:35 on Monday morning!