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The updated plan for Monday is as follows: Upon arrival at 6:35, please begin your warmup right away, of 5 laps around the halls. We will then grab 14 experienced rowers who didn’t erg on opening day to do an erg. The rest will then do approx 30 minutes of House of Victory, followed by a 30-minute run outside on the track. (note: it will be raining, but you’ll be pretty warm by then and the rain will feel really good as you run! It’s supposed to be warm weather as well–7 degrees!). Please have outdoor clothing with you when you’re doing House of Victory so you can just put it on over your indoor stuff and head outside right away and start running. No game of Ultimate Monday or Tuesday due to the rain creating slop and slippery conditions, however we will play later in the week. Remember, our goal is to get outside as much as possible. We spend enough time indoors in the winter–let’s get out and enjoy the outside!!