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Just had two newsworthy items come across my computer screen that are worthy of mention.

1. We have purchased another erg. Not brand new, but very lightly used. And a good bit easier on our budget than purchasing one at an indoor regattas! It should be in the “fleet” by the end of next week. For the novices and their parents, our goal is to try to add two per year, while maintaining the ones we have for as long as we can. We are slowly getting there.

2. Experienced rowers will be happy to note that our brand new quad is now in the boathouse. You will recall that the one we had last season was a loaner from Fluid Design because the first attempt at our shell didn’t turn out as they wanted it to. Well, we now have our permanent “Claus Wolter”–and it’s 10kgs lighter than last year’s quad. Now all we have to do is pay it off!!!!

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