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We will be staying indoors on Tuesday. There’s supposed to be a mix of snow and rain, which can make things a bit slippery. A group of novices will be on the ergs, with experienced rowers doing stairs and House of Victory.
The goals of the indoor sessions are to go further than you did the day before. Maintain a pace that you can sustain for 30-45 minutes WITHOUT STOPPING!

Remember that our first yoga session is Wednesday morning with Jenna in the upper gym. Due date for the $50 winter fee is Friday, but payment can be made starting Tuesday.

The rest of the week is looking a bit below our threshold for training outside, so prepare for the likelihood we will be indoors Thursday and possible Friday as well.

Good work this morning. There’s some good, vigorous work being done outside, and I’m encouraged by some decent quality on the ergs. Keep it up!