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Those of you who are interested in doing RADAR, which is Rowing Canada’s Athlete Identification system, should let us know as soon as possible. The deadline for submission is next Friday, November 30. NOTE: this is only for experienced rowers.
Please do your Monday workout on Sunday, then take Monday morning off. The 6K test will take place on TUESDAY morning (Nov 27). Test will start at 7:30am sharp–you will need to be warmed up and ready to pull by then. Do not come to regular training that morning–just be ready to pull at 7:30.
Peak Power and 1′ Tests will be Wednesday morning, November 28. Start time will be 7:25 for the Peak Power, and 7:55am for the 1′ test, so again, be warmed up and ready to pull. You will be excused from yoga that morning.
The 2K test will be Thursday morning, November 29. Test will start at 7:40am sharp. Please be warmed up and ready.
If you wish to re-pull any of the tests, we can do so on Friday morning, November 30.

The Clothing and Unisuit order page has been updated with Regattasport info. For novices, please do not order a unisuit yet. Mike has some in stock, and you can buy them from him at a slight discount, rather than ordering from Regattasport. We will suss out what he has shortly, and he will let you know what he has in stock.