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We will train indoors on Friday. Wind chill of minus-12 is forecast.

Some have asked us about what we look for in making that determination. First is temperature. I believe the Leander threshold in the spring is a wind chill of minus-5 or warmer. There is also a water temperature threshold. I can’t remember what that is, but will update closer to April. Our temp threshold would be somewhat similar to Leander. One thing I’d like to try this winter is….there are numerous athletes in our program who do a lot of running and cross country skiing in cold temps and we wouldn’t be against bringing a group outside in cold conditions….but it needs to be a decent-sized group (10+) to warrant one of the three coaches being with them. These athletes would also have to be ones who are able to run at a decent, vigorous pace in order to keep warm. Any athletes who would be interested in being a part of a cold weather outdoor running group should make themselves known to us. It gives us another training option, and it allows you to get outside occasionally in the winter! The other thing we look at, are conditions. If there was rain or melting snow the day before that freezes overnight, then ice patches become a problem. Running during a blizzard is quite peaceful and calming, but if there’s accumulation or if it’s slippery, we’d take that into consideration as well.

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