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Our parent club, Leander BC, is hosting “Fun Fridays”. I believe it starts this coming Friday (Nov. 30), but I will confirm. This is an extra session during the week. There will be group training opportunities at Leander this winter that will be in a “club” atmosphere and that will include athletes from all the high schools. We will be contributing to the coaching pool within this training group, as well as other coaches/overseers.
Those of you doing RADAR, or aspiring to make a CSSRA final or podium in June, should be prioritizing this session. If you ARE doing another sport, please talk to us and we can guide you on what you should be doing in terms of total sessions per week (Rowing + Other Sport). If you AREN’T doing another sport, and aspire to make CSSRA finals/podiums this year, you should be aiming for 8 sessions per week minimum, by supplementing your training with the Leander sessions.
It isn’t for everybody, and we understand that schoolwork, work and other activities can get in the way. If you are interested, but have questions, please ask.