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Those pulling RADAR 6K tests on Tuesday will need to warm up and be ready to pull their first stroke at 7:30am SHARP. We will structure tomorrow’s workouts so that the ergs are free by 7:20 for warmups.

I’ve been meaning to address this at practice, but haven’t done so yet. One thing that is incredibly helpful with your training, is having a diary/log book. You’ve noticed that we mark down all the numbers from the workouts. These give you a detailed analysis of your own performance to a point where the numbers make sense and where you can see improvement. It’s important for coaches to have those numbers for evaluation as well, and we always will….but you should all know what you should be aiming for in a workout and all, even novices, should begin to get a grasp on what the splits should be. What you should record are:
1. Date;
2. What the workout was;
3. Appreciable data from the workout (i.e., x number of metres, avg split, avg rate. Or, “Ran 10 laps of the track in 32 minutes, stopped twice for water”)
4. How you felt (i.e., if you’re coming off illness/injury)

We want you to understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and most importantly, to see for yourself, the fitness and aerobic improvements you are making.

At the coach’s meeting at Leander on Saturday, the idea was floated to have a club training camp down south at March Break. No location yet, but two places discussed were North Carolina and Tennessee. This is VERY early in the process, but the club wanted to get an idea, if it was to happen, the numbers of who might be interested. This camp would only be available to experienced rowers and POSSIBLY some top-performing novices, depending on the number of coaches. The biggest requirement would be to have parent supervision (1 parent per 4-5 athletes would be the rough guideline). Camps are incredibly valuable and absolutely level the playing field against schools like UCC, Branksome and Havergal, who go to Tennessee. It’s a week of intense rowing—usually 2 or 3 rows a day on great, calm water with focus on both training rows and technical rows. Budget is TBA as well–I will try to suss that out as quickly as I can.
What we’re looking for at the moment is: if this were to happen, who would be interested in going and what parents would be available to go? This wouldn’t be a school trip; rather a club trip. Not guaranteed that it will go forward, but we’re trying to gauge interest. The club says that a minimum of 25 (from all the high schools), would be needed to do it. Any rowers interested, or parents who would be interested in being chaperones, please let me know.