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We now need two for the final shift–if anybody can stick around for a double, or come back from the first shift, that would be HUGELY helpful!!!

1. Maddy B (Erg: 10-1015)
2. Becca (Erg: 1015-1030)
3. Jack (Erg: 1030-1045)
4. Vaishala***added (Erg: 1045-11)
5. Seta***added (Erg: 11-1115)
6. Owen***changed (Erg: 1115-1130)
7. Lachlan (Erg: 1130-1145)
8. Sequoia (Erg: 1145-12)
9. Emma***changed (Erg: 12-1215
10. Grace***changed (Erg: 1215-1230)
11. Geon (Erg: 1230-1245)

1. Quin (Erg: 1245-1)
2. Celina (Erg: 1-115)
3. Sawyer (Erg: 115-130)
4. Matt (Erg: 130-145)
5. Johnson (Erg: 145-2)
6. Max***changed (Erg: 2-215)
7. Jerron (Erg: 215-230)
8. Charlotte (Erg: 230-245)
9. Ethan (Erg: 245-3)
10. Boeze (Erg: 3-315)
11. Man (Erg: 315-330)

1. Vicky***added (Erg: 330-343)
2. Ryann (Erg: 343-357)
3. Katie Mac***changed (Erg: 357-411)
4. Serena (Erg: 411-425)
5. Liv***changed (Erg: 425-439)
6. Liam (Erg: 439-453)
7. Davin***changed (Erg: 453-506)
8. Chloe (Erg: 506-520)
9. Arjun***added (Erg: 520-533)
10. Rochon (Erg: 533-546)
11. Ivor (Erg: 546-6)

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Here is the final schedule! A couple of notes:
1. If anybody was able to create a donation ‘bucket’, please let me know. Chloe did 2, but I just need to know if anybody else was able to do one. I’ll pick up the remaining number of ones we need.

2. Is anybody from the second shift able to do a double and cover Arjun, who was a late scratch? Please let me know!

3. Again, remember to be there 20 minutes before the start of your shift. You need to watch the safety video.


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I just realized that we’re short on collection buckets for Monday. I had intended on replacing them this year and completely forgot. If any of you have empty plastic containers ( the best ones are the ones for whey/protein powder), if you can bring them Monday, that would be great!! If you have time to decorate them with a green “Westdale Rowing”, that would be even better!! And please cut a little slot in the cap for folks to put $$$ into. Again, apologies for the late notice!

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Please be at Fortino’s 20 minutes before the start of your shift. Everybody doing the fundraiser is required to watch a safety video before starting.
Please let me know as soon as possible, if there are any issues.

We would like to get as many of you entered into the Leander Indoor Rowing Champs as possible to A) support our local club’s regatta; and B) to show the community that we have a strong program this year. Please do not wait until the last minute to enter. Novices seem to be having particular difficulty registering, and I don’t want to spend the many hours before the entry deadline dealing with registration issues. The instructions on how to enter are on this blog in an earlier post. Please take care of this as soon as possible.

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A note of congratulations to Becca and Chloe, who took up the challenge of doing a full erg marathon today! 42,000 metres. Chloe’s time was 3:42:17.1, or an average split of 2:38.7. Becca’s time was 3:48:05.8, or an average split of 2:42.9. Nearly 4 hours is a LONG time to be sitting on an erg, and I suspect they may prefer to stand up for the next couple of days! It’s a great accomplishment, and a great achievement—well done!