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We know that ergs aren’t the most favourite of devices for rowers. However, it is a FANTASTIC tool to make you faster on the water. The more metres/kilometres you do, the better you will be. MIKES MAKE CHAMPIONS!

The standings are below. We have some pretty close races, especially in the novice men’s category! The categories are: Sr Women, Sr/Jr Men, Jr Women, Novice Men, Novice Women.
We have not decided on how we will do this yet, but there WILL be a recognition of mileages at the year end banquet in June.
If you aren’t listed below and wish to know where you stand, please feel free to send me a text (289-527-5800)

1. CHLOE: 71,104 metres
2. SEQUOIA: 57090 metres
3. FIORA: 55,364 metres
4. SERENA: 48,308 metres
5. BECCA: 47,996 metres

1. GEON: 74,711 metres
2. ALEX B: 72,718 metres
3. LIAM: 72,713 metres

1. CELINA: 70,870 metres
2. RYANN: 67.891 metres
3. MAGGIE: 63,968 metres

1. EMMA: 31,695 metres
2. GRACE: 27,653 metres
3. SETA: 26,737 metres

1. DAVIN: 39,727 metres
2. CALEB: 35,345 metres
3. BOZA: 34,444 metres
4. JOHNSON: 33,654 metres
5. MATT: 33,150 metres
There are only 3,324 metres separating 6th (32,739 metres) and 12th (29,415)

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