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A reminder that if you’re getting an early start on the holidays and won’t be there Friday, that you’ll need to do your 2K test on THURSDAY. If you won’t be there on Friday, you need to tell me as soon as possible so I can plan for it. So far, I know of two pulling 2Ks–Alex and Davin.

We’ve had a couple of bugs pointed out to us in registering for the Leander Indoors.

1. When it asks you to enter your 2K score, experienced athletes can enter it as whatever your PB is, with a 0 in front (i.e., 07:45). Doesn’t have to be exact, but it MUST BE A COLON, RATHER THAN A PERIOD BETWEEN THE NUMBERS
2. It may also tell you something like ‘the boat you entered isn’t valid’. Ignore that and just continue.

There will probably be more issues, but I’ll mention them as they come up. Please don’t wait until the very last second to register for this regatta–the earlier, the better! Entry deadline is Tuesday, January 8 at 11pm.

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