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A favour to ask for those who are with it and following the blog: PLEASE inform your rowing friends who are not following the blog and get them on it. Please show them how to set themselves up for notifications. We’re getting to the stage where it will be mandatory to be aware of what’s going on, especially for the upcoming break, the Fortino’s fundraiser on New Years Eve and the first indoor regatta of the season on January 12. Most are reading it and know what’s going on, but some clearly aren’t. I was actually asked “What’s the blog?” last week! Ugh.

Speaking of the break, here is the schedule:
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 26: The “Leander Boxing Day 2K” followed by a skate at Williams. This is open to anyone. If you do not do this, go for a 40′ run or 40′ swim instead.
THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27: Training session at Leander with Mike and Tom at 9am. Novices will benefit GREATLY from sessions in the rowing tank! Alternatively, experienced rowers only are invited to participate in the Leander Movie Marathon/Half Marathon, starting at 10am.
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28: Training session at Leander with Mike and Tom at 9am.
MONDAY, DECEMBER 31: FORTINO’S FUNDRAISER. All available rowers will be scheduled for 2.75 hour shifts either 10-12:45, 12:45-3:30, or 3:30-5 at the Dundurn/Main Fortino’s. If you can’t make this, I need to know now. This could be a HUGE fundraiser for us!
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2: Training session at Leander with Mike and Tom at 9am.
THURSDAY, JANUARY 3: Training session at Leander with Mike and Tom at 9am.
FRIDAY, JANUARY 4: Training session at Leander with Mike and Tom at 9am.

***Training Note*** If there is a significant snowfall at some point over the break, no matter what day it is, please shovel your sidewalk/driveway, as well as those of your elderly neighbours. Don’t ask them, just go do it. If they’re already doing it, jump in and help. It’s part of a rower’s DNA to do things like this.

Regular training at school resumes at 6:35am on MONDAY, JANUARY 7. (Please watch the blog, because the start time MAY be changing in the New Year to 6:45–I will confirm and let you know. If the start time changes, we may have to extend our finish time to 8:10 to fit in long ergs/stretching)

Some good numbers in the run tests this morning again this morning. The overall picture is a good one, with the numbers being WAY quicker overall. If you feel you didn’t perform well, then work on improving the result! Find a friend over the break who IS a good runner, dress up warmly….and go for a run!
Some notable PBs this morning: Fiora: 53 seconds faster. Celina: 54 seconds faster.

Remember, yoga on Wednesday. We have a VERY special guest coming for a visit tomorrow and I’ve asked her to say a few words to you after the class. Her name is Alessandra Gage. Ali rowed for Westdale, then was the coach for a few years before embarking on her exciting career with the UN (yes….THAT UN!). Currently living in Rome, Ali visits numerous venues in SE Asia as part of her job. She has never forgotten her Westdale rowing roots, however. It was Ali last year who made a SIGNIFICANT donation to our program for our two new boats and was the last minute deciding factor in meeting Coach Mike’s challenge to dye his hair green for CSSRA!

Testing continues on Theme Thursday (UGLY HOLIDAY SWEATERS!), with Flex tests for those who didn’t do them last Friday, as well as 6K tests for Charlotte, Molly and Maddy B, and the 2K for Alex B. We will also try to do run tests for those who missed them.

Friday is 2K tests for all.

Finally, I’m still short a few of the $50 winter fees. Please take care of this before the break.

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