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Well done to all this morning! Some pretty impressive performances and it was good to see the novices laying it on the line for their first 2Ks!

We didn’t really give any specific strategies for this morning, nor did we do any speedwork prep. There are many reasons for this. For the novices, until you’ve done a 2K test, you really don’t have an understanding of what is involved. Usually, one of two things happens: a “fly and die”, where you go out way too fast; or you give too much respect to the reputation of a 2K, holding too much back in anticipation of needing it at the end, and you expend less than you could have. Both lead to getting a slower score than you’re capable of. I’ve always called the first 2K, a “practice 2K”. Everyone needs to do one to see what it’s like and to be able to formulate a strategy for your next one. Most novices see significant improvement on their second test because they have the experience of the first one. The more you do, the more you become aware of what you can achieve. For experienced rowers, doing speedwork at this time of year, save for team ergs, is counter-productive. We will likely NOT do a lot of speedwork prep for the Leander Indoors on January 12th, nor much for those going to CIRC, because it’s important that we build up the aerobic base again after the holidays/exams. We will do a full run up of speedwork prep leading to Ontario’s, which is where we hope to see ALL Westdale rowers compete, and set PBs!
For those going away over the holidays, enjoy! If you’re going somewhere warm, there’s lots you can do–run on the beach, swim, be active. Those going skiing, SKI LOTS! If you’re local, check the blog and join us at Leander on any of the five days we’re there.
Good first training segment—Keep it up!

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