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Here is the first draft of Fortino’s. Please let me know IMMEDIATELY if you are not able to fulfill this shift. Also, if you told me you were not able to make it, but I somehow put you on the list anyway, please let me know right away. These lists can change quite a bit. Only the most recent draft will be on the blog, so when the time comes for the fundraiser on NY Eve, make sure you’re going with the most recent version! There are twelve names not on here–you still may wind up doing a shift, so keep your eyes peeled. If you don’t do this fundraiser, you will be the first to be scheduled next time around.
NOTE: Where it says “changed” or “added”, it means there was a change from the original.
We’ll be allowed to bring in an erg. This is a LIGHT ERG FOR NO MORE THAN 15 MINUTES. DO NOT SWEAT, PLEASE!!! Just perfect, technical rowing–not a workout! Nothing worse than sweaty hands handling people’s tomatoes!!)

1. Maddy B (Erg: 10-1015)
2. Becca (Erg: 1015-1030)
3. Jack (Erg: 1030-1045)
4. Vaishala***added (Erg: 1045-11)
5. Seta***added (Erg: 11-1115)
6. Owen***changed (Erg: 1115-1130)
7. Lachlan (Erg: 1130-1145)
8. Sequoia (Erg: 1145-12)
9. Emma***changed (Erg: 12-1215
10. Grace***changed (Erg: 1215-1230)
11. Geon (Erg: 1230-1245)

1. Quin (Erg: 1245-1)
2. Celina (Erg: 1-115)
3. Sawyer (Erg: 115-130)
4. Matt (Erg: 130-145)
5. Johnson (Erg: 145-2)
6. Max***changed (Erg: 2-215)
7. Jerron (Erg: 215-230)
8. Charlotte (Erg: 230-245)
9. Ethan (Erg: 245-3)
10. Boeze (Erg: 3-315)
11. Man (Erg: 315-330)

1. Vicky***added (Erg: 330-343)
2. Ryann (Erg: 343-357)
3. Katie Mac***changed (Erg: 357-411)
4. Serena (Erg: 411-425)
5. Liv***changed (Erg: 425-439)
6. Liam (Erg: 439-453)
7. Davin***changed (Erg: 453-506)
8. Chloe (Erg: 506-520)
9. Arjun***added (Erg: 520-533)
10. Rochon (Erg: 533-546)
11. Ivor (Erg: 546-6)

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