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Leander practices will start at 9am at Leander Boat Club. Go to either the foot of Bay St. and make a sharp left onto Leander Dr. The club is the yellowish building at the end of that road. Or, go to the foot of James St N, turn left and the club is at the end of that road. There is a red door at the south end of the building that will be propped open. There will be some combination of ergs/weights/circuit/tank. We should be finished between 10:15 and 10:30. Again, we’re practicing Thursday & Friday, December 27-28, then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday January 2-4.

There have been no updates in the last few days to the Fortino’s schedule, so the one on the previous blog post is still accurate. Please wear a unisuit if you have one, or Westdale athletic t-shirt. The goal of this fundraiser is to have fun, be as enthusiastic as you can about Rowing, and engage with the public. We’re constantly shocked at the generosity of the public after our fundraisers—-shocked in a GOOD way. That is due to the enthusiasm of our rowers. You will find that people will be really impressed by, not only your volume of training, but the time that you train!

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