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“Time marches on”, as my old radio journalism professor used to say! Entries are due for this event at midnight on Tuesday (5 days away), but as mentioned, novices seem to be having difficulty registering, so PLEASE get your entry done as soon as possible and not leave me to have to deal with a bunch of you having problems all at once on Tuesday! We are expecting a big percentage of our squad to enter this regatta, so please plan on it! The event is on Saturday, January 12th at St. Mary’s.

Problems encountered so far:
1. The system is particular about how your erg scores are entered. Now that novices have done one, you can enter that score, but make sure there’s a colon, not a semi-colon or period.
2. There is also a warning about “boat supplied not valid for entry”. The workaround for this appears to be to ignore it and keep hitting “Continue” or Next”.

The workouts for this week on the program are not correct. I cut and pasted the whole document from last year in order to use the table as a template. I changed weeks two and three, but missed week one…..hence the “Saturday Podium” group reference. Apologies. The rest of this week will be different to what is on there, but starting Monday, everything will match.

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