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Some of you have asked about various things upcoming between now and the end of the season on June 2, so here are some answers. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR PARENTS!!

1. If you intend on racing in the spring, you MUST have a unisuit and you MUST order it if Mike doesn’t have your size. They will not allow you to race on the water without one. Details on how to order are on the main menu.

2. Some of you have asked about rowing clothing (hoodies/t-shirts, etc). I’ve inquired to the guy who makes them and will post a link here when I get it–the link I have is closed.

3. There are numerous events between now and the end of the season! I’ve listed them below, so please put them in your calendar.

SATURDAY, JAN 12: Leander Indoor Rowing Championships (Hamilton)
SUNDAY, FEB 3: Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships (Mississauga)
SATURDAY, MARCH 2: Ontario Indoor Rowing Championships (St. Catharines)
MONDAY, APRIL 1: First day of on-water rowing (hopefully, weather permitting!) Experienced rowers MAY be on-water in late March
SATURDAY, APRIL 20: Fortino’s bagging fundraiser #2 (**NOTE** This is the Saturday of Easter weekend)
THURSDAY, APRIL 25: Chili Cook-Off Fundraiser
SUNDAY, MAY 5: John Bennett Regatta (Buffalo)
SUNDAY, MAY 12: Mothers Day Regatta (St. Catharines)
SATURDAY-SUNDAY, MAY 18-19: Welland High School Invitational Regatta (Welland) ***NOTE*** This is the Victoria Day long weekend
SATURDAY, MAY 25: Hamilton High School Championships (Hamilton)
FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY MAY 31-JUNE 2: CSSRA Regatta (St. Catharines)

4. Fortino’s #2 on April 20: Note that this is on the Saturday of the Easter weekend at the same Fortino’s as we were at on NY Eve. This fundraiser will work the same way as the first one did. You will be scheduled for approximately three hours and be responsible for bagging groceries. Those who did not participate in the first fundraiser will be the first to be scheduled for this one.

5. Chili Cook-Off. Following quickly on the heels of the Fortino’s fundraiser will be our biggest fundraiser of the year, the Chili Cook-Off! And with approximately $10,000 left to pay on our two new boats from last year, it’s a VERY important one!! We really need a lot of parents help on this—last year was an incredibly successful event and we’d love to be able to match that! We had a big parents group helping last year and I think every one of them would say they had a real blast! If interested, please keep your eyes on this space! It’s a MASSIVELY fun evening.

6. How does Chili Cook-Off work? We will sell a block of tickets to you for $15 per ticket. You will then sell them to family/friends/extended family, for $20 each, so the incentive is there to make some money back and put it towards your spring rowing fees. The number of tickets allocated per rower is yet to be determined. I believe last year, it was 6 per rower, however with a LOT more rowers this year, there will be fewer tickets for you to sell. If there are any questions about this, please ask me!

As always, if you have any questions/concerns about anything, please text me, e-mail me or talk to me at practice.