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The following have said they’re racing and still need to get their entry in:
Jerron (Event 27)
Maddy D (Event 28)
Rochon (Event 27)
Arjun (Event 26)
Daniella (Event 28)
Quin (Event 26)
Manvendra (Event 26)

The following have not yet confirmed they they’re racing, but if so, need to do the entry.
Fiora (Event 33)
Maddy B (Event 33)
Caleb (Event 26)
Kai (needs to weigh in Monday to determine what category)

Note that it IS an expectation for everybody to participate in as many indoor regattas as they can and it’s especially important for novices:
1. We want to see how you focus and race in an environment like a regatta. If competitions make you nervous, that’s OK—this is a GREAT way to learn how to deal with the pressures of race day where you’re relying on yourself to race against the clock. In the spring, you will have crew mates around you to “share the nerves”, so to speak…. but learning to deal with the nerves in the winter will contribute greatly to your crew!
2. It’s something of a dry run for the spring regattas where you will be relying on others and others will be relying on you. Mike and I want to know that those we select for crews will not leave us standing in the boat park with 8/9ths of the crew ready to launch, wondering where the last person is. Mistakes are made at these winter regattas. Better to make them in the winter, than in the spring!

Other things to note for the regatta:

1. If you don’t have a unisuit, please wear something the says Westdale. Failing that, please wear a green shirt.
2. The schedule on RegattaCentral MAY not match what comes out in the draw. I will post our racing schedule on the blog when I get it—likely Wednesday.
3. You should be there at least 45 minutes to one hour before your race. That gives you time to register at the desk, watch a race to see how it all works, weigh in if you need to, talk to the coaches, and warm up.
4. I haven’t heard anything about a waiver, but will ask.

I will post more as the week goes on.