Westdale Secondary School Rowing

Information for the Westdale Secondary School Rowing Community


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1. The regatta is being held at St. Mary’s School in the gym. The school is located at 200 Whitney Ave, Hamilton, Ontario L8S 2G7.

2. The following are racing in a weight class event and need to be there one hour prior to race time:
Ethan, Grace, Sequoia, Manvendra, Lachlan, Jack, Quin, Alex, Johnson, Emma, Celina, Maggie, Liv, Ryann, Maddy D, Maddie T, Daniella, Seta, Geon, Liam, Jerron, Rochon, Becca, Charlotte, Gillian.

3. All other athletes are in open categories and can be there 45 minutes prior to your race time.

4. Please wear your unisuit, if you have one. If you don’t have one, please wear a Westdale athletic t-shirt. If you don’t have one, please wear a green t-shirt.

5. Things to remember on regatta day: water, (healthy) snacks, a change of clothes for after your race, any meds/puffers, and your loud voices to cheer on your fellow Warriors!

6. Those rowers not racing are more than welcome to support and spectate!

7. Give it your VERY best!

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