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Well done yesterday, all! We took home the men’s title, were second in the women’s category, and won the overall title! Well done to all of you who competed hard and set numerous PBs (Personal Bests). PBs mean you’re getting faster and stronger!

Today, Mike and I found out about the Grimsby Indoor Regatta, which will take place on February 23rd. We would encourage as many of you as possible to do this one as a warm up to the Ontario Championships two weeks after that. Because of where the Canadian Indoor Champs fall on our calendar, (on February 3, just after exams), we would much prefer you do the Grimsby event over the Canadians. More details on that later. You are more than welcome to do the Canadian Indoors if you want to, but we aren’t pushing you to do it. However…..we’re placing a BIG priority on Ontario’s in early March in St. Catharines, so the February 23rd regatta will be a perfect warmup for it.

We will train as normal this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the school this week. Starting Thursday, no school teams are allowed to hold practices at the school, nor are there to be any structured WESTDALE practices, until Friday, February 1. Because we are also members of a non-school club (Leander), you can train as CLUB members at Leander Boat Club over Quiet Week and Exam Week. These are NOT mandatory sessions, but you’re invited to attend. Also, be clear that these sessions are NOT Westdale sessions, they are Leander sessions. We are not trying to skirt around the school board rules, but there are many of you who want to take part in structured training to maintain your fitness levels, and we’re doing our best to provide that. If you can’t make any of the club sessions, please take a study break and go out for a run. Study after study has proven strongly that exercise improves brain function, and that you can benefit greatly from study breaks that include exercise.
Your priority for the next couple of weeks is to study and pass your exams first. The schedule below is tentative and MAY change a bit, but for those who wish to attend club sessions, the schedule will be:

THURSDAY, JANUARY 17: 4PM (with Madison)
FRIDAY, JANUARY 18: 4PM (with Victoria)
MONDAY, JANUARY 21: 5PM (with Victoria and Madison)
TUESDAY, JANUARY 22: 4PM (with Victoria and Madison)
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23: 5PM (with Victoria and Madison)
THURSDAY, JANUARY 24: 4PM (with Madison and Tom)
FRIDAY, JANUARY 25: 4PM (with Victoria and Tom)
MONDAY, JANUARY 28: 4PM (with Madison and Tom)
TUESDAY, JANUARY 29: 4PM (with Victoria and Tom)
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30: 4PM (with Madison and Tom)
THURSDAY, JANUARY 31: 9AM **** PA DAY **** (with Victoria and Tom)

Also, if you are NOT planning on doing the outdoor season on the water, please tell us now. We are starting to select crews and it would be helpful to know now if you aren’t planning on continuing after March 31.