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I’ve updated the regatta/event schedule. I thought I’d done it earlier in the year, but discovered I hadn’t. Apologies! I put the Canadian Indoors in Mississauga, but again….we aren’t pushing anybody to do it. I’ve also added the Mac 2×4, which has been scheduled for Saturday, February 9th at Mac. As it is a local regatta run by our fellow Leander squad, we would like to put as many entries into this team event as possible. Please let me know if you would like to do it and we’ll put the teams together.
I’ve also added the date for the Chili Cook-Off (Thursday, April 25). Details on that to come out later. You will each be responsible for selling off a block of tickets to the event that you pre-buy from us for $15 per ticket, then sell to your friends/neighbours/family/extended family/work associates for $20 each. (We haven’t determined how many tickets per rower, but I believe it will be 4-5 each this year. Any questions on that, please let me know. To start it off, I will commit to buying two tickets. The first two people who text me the word CHILI, can consider their first ticket SOLD!!!!!

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